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Keep Oral Emergencies at Bay

Making sure your smile lasts as long as you do includes always making sure to care for your teeth in times of need. This includes whenever an oral emergency arises. Here are some simple tips to keep your mouth safe and oral emergencies at bay:

– If a tooth becomes dislodged or falls out, it may be possible to save it by placing it in milk or an approved tooth-saving product such as Save-A-Tooth, until treatment from your dentist to allow them to set it properly into place is arranged.
– If you have an object stuck in your mouth, try using an interdental tool such as dental floss to remove the item. Never use sharp objects to attempt to remove them.
– If you have lost a filling, use a piece of chewing gum or dental cement to shield the area until you get treatment. If you have lost a dental crown, shield the area with a cotton swab preferably coated in clove oil.
– If you suffer a bitten lip or tongue, clean your mouth out with water to keep the wound free of contamination and apply gauze until the bleeding stops. If you severely bite your lip and tongue, you may need to see a doctor for stitches.
– If you crack or fracture a tooth, sanitize the area around the tooth so it is clean and clear of debris and use gauze on the wound to slow the bleeding until it stops.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Sohrab Saghezchi and our team at Mill Valley Dental for an oral health care examination, please call 415-578-5879 to schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Mill Valley, California. Come on in to learn more about your options to get the bright and healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

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