At Southern Marin Dental, you can benefit from the care of our personable, friendly team who puts your needs first. Come and meet the ones who help your smile stay healthy and strong. To learn more about us and to set up your next appointment with Dr. Sohrab Saghezchi, our friendly dentist in Mill Valley, California, we welcome you to contact us today.

Lisa Lundy—Front Office Coordinator
Lisa is one of our newest team members and works as our front office coordinator. Her diploma in Hospitality Management has ironically helped her in every aspect of her life, and this position is no different. Lisa is a mother of two children, a daughter named Kat who is 22 and a son named Griffin who is 20. She has been happily married for 25 years to her husband, Brian. She is an avid tennis player and belongs to a team that just moved up to an A-1 level in Marin County. Lisa really loves being a part of our practice because everyone is so positive, forward thinking, and wonderful to our patients. She loves the family feeling she gets from the team itself and can’t wait to become a regular part of our team with time. Lisa is a very upbeat, positive person, and feels that she can benefit our practice by doing the very best she can, giving 110% of her energy and time and following through with all that she does. Staying on top of the front office and double checking things as well as following the protocol laid out will be her standing goal! Lisa appreciate the opportunity to be here

Tera Splain—Dental Assistant
Our wonderful, kind dental assistant greets everyone with a big smile, making sure all of our patients feel welcomed and that all their needs have been met throughout their visit. Tera has been working alongside with Dr. Sohrab Saghezchi for almost a year by assisting in procedures, patient consultations, and welcoming new patients to our office. Tera completed her training at the California Dental Certification School in San Diego in 2014. Though life as a dental assistant is how she spends her week, she does love to escape to the beach and have fun in the sun with her family on the weekends.

Shanna Pouyamehr – Registered Dental Hygienist
registered dental hygienist. Shanna is a fun, loving, and compassionate dental hygienist. She has been providing oral health education and services for over 17 years throughout the entire Bay Area. Her passion is helping all of her patients achieve their goal of a healthier smile as it relates to their overall health. She loves to be outdoors and absolutely adores dogs. She hopes to be a part of your smile at your next visit!